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Entry Guidelines

  1. You must own the images you submit

    You must be the legal owner of all photographs that you send to us, and they must be your own work. You must have prior permission, if applicable, to submit the subject matter of the photographs that you send to us.

  2. No borders, No signatures

    Please do not submit images with borders, signatures, captions, date stamps or any other text that has been added to the image. (This includes images with a date stamp in the corner added by the camera.)

  3. Image size

    Landscape pics (having width > height) must be between 1,000 and 1,600 pixels wide, and can be any height. Portrait pics (having height > width) must be between 680 and 1,200 pixels tall, and can be any width. The file size must be less than 2MB.

  4. More small print

    See our terms & conditions page for additional guidelines and restrictions.