Frequently Asked Questions

How can my photo become a Pic of the Day?

At the beginning of each day the highest rated photo becomes the Pic of the Day. Read more about Camera Club's process.

Why is yesterday's top rated pic not today's Pic of the Day?

In order for a pic to become Pic of the Day it must have been submitted at least 1 week ago and have been rated by at least 25 members.

Does everybody's vote count the same?

No. When rating pics, the votes from people with higher-rated pics count more than the votes from people with lower-rated pics.

When are my pics removed from the site?

If your pic does not become a Pic of the Day then it will expire after 9 weeks, or sooner if it has not received an overall score of at least 3 stars after being rated by at least 25 members.

If your pic becomes a Pic of the Day then it will stay on this site.

Does it cost anything to become a Camera Club member?

No, Camera Club is a free online club.

Who funds Camera Club's operating costs?

Camera Club is privately funded by Camera Club's owners and by donations.

Can anybody join Camera Club?

Camera Club is open to all South Africans who have an interest in photography. Signing up is free and only takes a minute.

Does Camera Club have regular meetings?

No, Camera Club is just an online club. We do not hold physical meetings. The web is our meeting place.

Will you let me know if my photo is used as a Pic of the Day?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail when one of your pics becomes a Pic of the Day. If you do not want to be notified by e-mail you can turn this option off under your profile.

Can anybody submit photos to Camera Club?

All of our members may submit photos. If you are not yet a member, click here to sign up. It's free and only takes a minute.

What size must my images be?

Full details can be found on our photo submission page, but in summary we accept images up to 1,600 x 1,200 pixels in size.

Can I submit images that have been digitally manipulated ("Photoshopped")?

Yes, but please provide full details of what has been done to the image. Also please remember that we are a Camera Club, not a Photoshop Club. Our emphasis is on photography, not on digital manipulation, and therefore we reserve the right to reject images that have been heavily manipulated.

How can I resize my images if they are too large?

Most digital cameras come with software that can resize images. There are many software programs on the Internet too. Please remember not to save over your original image files!